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    2. Make Someone Happy! Send the Best Hong Kong Gift Vouchers, Next-day Delivery & Instant E-card

      Events & Business Gift Cards

      There’s no gift more exciting or stylish than one coming from the coveted businesses in your community. And a gift that allows your recipients to choose what they truly love? Now we're talking!


      A major tech company sent our Gifted Gift Cards as greeting cards to their 200+ employees to say ‘thank you’ with holiday flair.

      Boost Sales

      A Spanish toy company used our Gifted Gift Cards to reward their Asia-based team for achieving their sales targets.


      A major airline rewards program , with over 8 million members, used our Gifted Gift Cards as a redemption option for miles earned to strengthen customer loyalty.


      Chic gift packaging, beautifully and tastefully presented with a hand-written note


      Customize a unique gift card amount to reflect your business needs or a lucky or meaningful number


      Whether you send gifts every day, every week, or a few times a year, just let us know